Door Step Pick Up

We understand that it is difficult for you to visit our shop for every small thing. Here is a solution for this problem as well! We can get your mobile picked-up from your doorstep through one of the responsible representatives of SAI SAMARTH MOBILES.

Certified Technician

We as a technician our job involves skilled practical work with scientific equipment to repair your device. Mobile Devices are Cared with more efficient and personal care. We are versatile, veteran player, a superb technician you can find.

On budget and on time

Best Price In Market Guaranteed and Timely delivery of mobile phone service assured. Head toward our store if you're looking for something quirky and affordable.

Reassemble your Device

We as a technician understand what part of the mobile should be replaced or reassemble in order to function you mobile device better. Our prices are best in market.

Fast work turnaround

The total time taken between the submission of a broken mobile phone for execution and the return of the completely repaired phone to the customer is unmatched.

Safety First.

A swollen lithium-ion battery or phone may catch fire or explode. Proceed with extreme caution and at your own risk when removing a swollen battery from an electronic device. If you have any doubts about your ability to do so safely, power down and isolate the device, and consult a us to repair immediately. We know the process and we deal with such critical cases with extreme care.

Sai Samarth Mobile Phones

Mobile Repair

What is the most frustrating thing you can come across? Broken phone? Something not functioning? What about your phone being completely unresponsive to touch? You don’t have to throw your phone or mess up with system updates. We are here to help you with our micro-tech specialists..

Mobile Development

Motherboard failure is the most heartbreaking issue for mobile phone owner. Mobile phone with the damaged motherboard considered as dead mobile. Just like a body without a soul. 

The motherboard is one of the important parts of your mobile phone. 

In simple words motherboard is a brain/heart of the mobile that helps to perform the device as your body functions with the help of the brain/heart.

Motherboard repair and replacement are costly. So you don’t even think about its replacement unless your mobile phone is quite expensive.

We at Sai Samarth Make it easy for you to repair or replace your Phone mother board at an affordable rate.

Mother Board
Mother Board Twizzer

We are driven by values

Operate with transparency. We put our customers first in service. Establish proper communication. Ready to help. We are trustworthy. We close our deals with honesty. 

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. We make sure your Device Function from every where. We are certified mobile repair device technician. Experts, you can reply on us.
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We are a team of specialized and trained experts performing the ANDROID Device Repair Services with a 99% success rate in repairs.
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We are here 7 days a week to serve you with all your mobile device repairs. Get your phone device to us anytime without hesitation.
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Let’s work together on your next mobile service.

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